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From consulting to operation, we’ll help your company on the E-commerce world and then we’ll increase your sales with Digital Marketing

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Our proposal of Digital Transformation operates from the strategic to the operational level


We help executives and managers to translate the company's strategic goals into efficient sales channels and marketing mix.



From an advisory process, we transform strategic interests into minute plans with dimensions of resources, cost, and scope.



We also operate in detail, whether in direct execution or third-party management. Giving total visibility for the deadline and status during the day by day through a single contact point.


Sales and relationship channels We guide companies through the creation of a journey for a ubiquitous shopping experience
  • E-commerce B2C
  • E-commerce B2B
  • Applications
  • Assisted Sales
  • Totems
  • Integration and Middlewares
  • User Interface
  • Management of Technology Projects
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Digital Marketing

Automation and personalization We understand that it is extremely important to increase the revenue demand of the company,
but one of the most cost-effective ways to do this is to understand all your client's journey.
We use Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategies to achieve each goal.
  • Performance Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Metrics & BI
  • UX Strategies
  • CRM Strategies
  • Management of Marketing Projects
  • Marketing Automation
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E-commerce Consulting

We help companies structure E-commerce operation from scratch to the launch. With a team with more
than 100 projects delivered, we have experience in different and multidisciplinary areas, such as:
Human Resources, Marketing, Logistics, Technology and more.
  • E-commerce Consulting
  • OmniChannel Consulting
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Marketing and Sales
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Just like you, these clients came to us in search of increased
sales and revenues,
and the results are
proven by very successful cases.

How CoreBiz obtained an increase of 75% in the total number of e-commerce orders.

CoreBiz is helping Grupo Boticário in their Omni-Channel Global expansion.

The greater grocery case in Brazil is a CoreBiz Omni-Channel and Marketing case.

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CoreBiz is a great partner! We would not have reached such good results without such a dedicated agency.

Beatriz Ferreira, Gerente de E-commerce - Tenda Atacadista Tenda Atacadista

Through positive background, experience and reputation of the company in the market, we imagined they would be the ideal partners for our challenge. And the results we've collected so far have made us very happy!

Leonardo Castro, Digital Marketing & CRM - Sony Sony

2017 was a year of much success, growth, processes and very good results for us. Our relationship with Corebiz is excellent; it is a very innovative partnership and we certainly have much to grow together.

Flávio Inácio, Gerente de E-commerce - Mambo Delivery Supermarket Mambo Delivery Supermarket